Recommendations for in-house treatment of new strain of COVID-19 


Recommendations for in-house treatment of new strain of COVID-19 


If you test positive for COVID-19, do not worry! Most of the cases goes with light symptoms

Please read these recommendations:

  • Omicron is characterized by very high contagiousness. It spreads 4 times faster than previous strains
  • In case of infection with Omicron, the disease is very mild and lasts maximum 8 days. The risk of complications, hospitalization is relatively low, especially in vaccinated and boosted population.
  • A very small number of patients need in-patience medical treatment, laboratory tests or computer tomography.

What are the symptoms of Omicron:

According to the study of the Center for Disease Control, the most commonly characterized symptoms are:

– Sore throat

– Headache and waist pain

– Running nose

– Mild fever 

– Cough 

– Sweating 

– General weakness


  • Keep calm
  • Take the liquid (up to 2 liters per day) and vitamins rich food  
  • Often ventilate the room where you spend more time
  • Be active as much as possible, do not be passive for more than 1 hours (sleep period is not included)

If in the course of light and medium infection, you have the following complaints:

Mild fever – temperature above 38 – take paracetamol 500 mg, once every 8 hours depending on the necessity.

Pain – do not ignore a pain, take Paracetamol. If paracetamol does not help, you can use Ibuprofen 200-400 mg. It refers to both headaches as well as muscles, waist pains.

Note 4-6-hour interval should be followed between takings of the drug.


Avoid self-medication, do not use other medicies, effectiveness of which has not been confirmed by research in the treatment of COVID (e.g. zinc, vitamins and especially antibiotics, anticoagulants, if not prescribed by a doctor) 

Immediately call us if you have one of the following: 

         !  Heavy short breath when resting or saturation is below 90%        

         !  Squeeze or pressure on the chest 

         !  Bloody cough

         !  Lips or facial bluishness

         !  Low blood pressure, for example: less than 90 mmHg

         !  Reduction of urine output – less than 100 ml / day.

         !  Loss of consciousness, faint    

Contact with a family doctor (general practitioner)

During the day from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM hours 2505111 or 2430101; 

From 7:00  to 577632310 

Any further information concerning COVID 19 you will find on the following link: https://www.moh.gov.ge/news/5528/ 

Source – Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia, regarding frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Coronavirus.

*For foreign students studying in Georgia, please contact us via e-mail, in case you need medical assistance for Covid treatment: medeatsabutashvili@gmail.com In the email, please provide us with your name, mobile phone and symptoms. Our doctor will contact you at his/her earliest convenience.