Requesting a PCR test if the Covid symptoms are detected 


  • If a suspicious symptom is detected, the insured person can take an antigen test in the laboratories which are involved in the state program, including the clinic Curatio.

  • Within 72 hours of a negative test results based on a antigen test taken at clinic Curatio, you will be able to take a free PCR test at Clinic Curatio and its contractor laboratories (Zurich, Prime Lab, Med Diagnostics) based on an online referral issued by a family doctor.

In order to request PCR test in Tbilisi:

In Tbilisi insured persons can already send a request for a PCR test through the website – https://covid.gpih.ge/

After filling out the link, the customer will receive SMS with the name of the laboratory, appointment time and address.

After testing positive for Covid

  • After testing positive for Covid confirmed by the laboratory the insured person will be registered in 112 state database. The doctor will contact the insured person only after registration in the unified database of 112. Therefore, it is necessary that the insured person verify with 112 that his/her data has been recorded. This can be verified by making a call at 112, as well as registering data electronically at 112 databases. Link: https://er.moh.gov.ge/.


  • Please take into account: Since February 1, children under 5, women over 60 and men over 65 years old are managed by medical institutions involved in state programs and the insured person will be redirected by the 112 to the relevant polyclinic. In these cases, the contact from the doctor is also completely regulated by the state, if necessary, the customer should contact 112.

  • Once the patient is recorded on the 112 portal and is transferred to the GPI for the management, the doctor will contact within 48 hours. Once the patient is transferred to the GPI for the management, the patient will be sent SMS with the relevant content from GPI.

  • In case of the complications or if the symptoms worsen the insured person can call to the GPI hotline for the consultation with the doctor, or contact the company through the messenger of the official Facebook page. The operator will record the data of the insured person and the family doctor will contact him/her for further consultation;


  • If the insured person is not able to call GPI due to overloaded call center, he/she can register visa GPI Covid Portal – https://covid.gpih.ge/, leave his/her information details and the doctor will contact back at earliest convenience.

  • Customers living in the regions can search their family doctors’ phone number on the same portal and contact them personally.
    Link: https://modzebne-ekimi.mygpi.ge/

  • After testing positive for Covid foreign language speaker insured people will receive SMS in English, with the detailed contact information.

Link:  https://covid.gpih.ge/2022/02/10/omicron/



About the issuance of the Medical Bulletin

According to the new regulations of the state, if after January 15, 2022, you have tested positive on COVID-19, which is laboratory-confirmed, and the number of days of stay in isolation has amounted to 8 days, you do not need a Medical Bulletin, because the positive COVID-19 test is equivalent to a certificate.

You don’t need to take a hard copy of this Certificate – you can print it from the application and/or from email.

About the other cases of the issuance of the Medical Bulletin and Certificates


  1. If the insured person has similar symptoms to COVID-19, but the laboratory test result is negative, and the insured person is in isolation, the Certificate or the Medical Bulletin is issued in this case. If the patient is being managed by a Curatio doctor, you should fill out a form of requesting a Certificate at the link: https://covid.gpih.ge/

  2. The maximum duration of the Certificate is 5 days in case of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19. After the expiration of this period, you should consult with your personal doctor again and continue treatment based on his/her recommendations.


  1. If you have been tested positive for Covid-19 but the treatment and isolation period is more than 8 days, a positive test result is not enough in this case (the test results covers only 8 days). Therefore, in this case the doctor opens the Medical Bulletin. If Curatio Clinic manages the patient, it is enough to fill out the application, following the link, and the relevant certificate will be prepared for the patient.

  2. If the patient is transferred to a COVID-19 hotel or is hospitalized, for the Certificate and Medical Bulletin you should contact the clinic/hotel, where he/she was transferred.